How It Works

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Create an interactive text campaign simply with our do-it-yourself online tools. Through the use of a “shortcode” (444888) and linked “keyword” you create an opt-in database. FlipText Mobile provides you with access to cutting edge technology and creative ways to manage and market your database.  Ready to get started?

Start by choosing from one of the many different types of campaigns:

To help promote your campaign, we can advise you on the most effective ways to advertise your keyword and stay within your budget but still reach new and existing consumers.

Promotional materials will be provided to get you started.

Now, consumers can text your keyword to the shortcode (444888) to opt-in to receive your announcements via their mobile phones and provide you with a valuable marketing database that can help build relationships with your consumers. An automated response can be texted back to them depending on the campaign type.

Later, you can send the opt-in consumers important text information about your company, sales, new sales, important announcements, appointment reminders or big events.

With the Online Data Collection features provided, track your campaign quickly and effortlessly online within minutes. Instantly receive consumer information, campaign reports, text message statistics, interactive charts, Opt-in/Opt-out reports and demographics data.

If your aim is to increase sales, engage with your customers or just build a valuable marketing database, FlipText Mobile can offer your business the best and most cost effective way to reach new and existing customers.

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